Bright days for solar solutions

1Light energy captured from the Sun or photovoltaic energy provides a ready source of non-polluting electricity. It’s predictable, scalable, and renewable. Using solar solutions in remote areas outside electric-utility grids is more than convenient it’s almost a necessity. Industry pioneers like GreanLife Solar are rapidly implementing solar solutions within the existing utility grid to fundamentally restructure how we all produce, distribute, use, and conserve energy. And now GreanLife Solar is making it possible in many cases to go solar with no upfront costs. GreanLife Solar works with qualified property owners to determine solar leasing rates that are consistently at or below typical electric-utility rates for comparable usage levels. That’s right; you can get clean energy for the same or less than you pay for electricity from fossil-fuel-burning power plants.

How a solar energy system works

  • Solar panels convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity which is then routed to the Inverter
  • The Inverter converts DC electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity
  • AC electricity then travels to the electrical panel/circuit-breaker box where it’s distributed throughout the building
  • When the system produces more electricity than is being consumed, surplus electricity flows through the net meter and out to the utility grid. This creates an electricity credit that can be used when the system’s solar panels are not producing electricity such as at night