Go green faster with a GreanLife Solar energy solution

Get startedAt GreanLife Solar, we do everything we can to make the process of switching to a solar-energy system effortless.

When you schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation, we get right to work.

First, we’ll have a qualified, experienced solar professional meet with you at your property to conduct a thorough Solar Readiness check. We estimate your energy-generation needs based on your electricity-consumption history and other factors. We conduct an assessment of your roof and answer any questions you may have about installing a solar-energy system.

During our second meeting, we’ll give you a formal proposal that will explain all the system-design parameters, provide a full financing plan overview based on your individual or business needs, including all options, pricing, and agreement terms. This meeting will give you everything you need to make an informed decision.

Be assured, our exceptional service doesn’t end there. If you decide to lease or buy a GreanLife Solar energy solution, we’ll install the entire system and get it running optimally. If you lease a system from us, throughout the entire term, we’ll monitor your system’s performance, and properly clean and maintain it to ensure efficient operation, and if you buy a system from us, we will provide as much or as little monitoring and maintenance as you want us to through an operations and maintenance plans customized to meet your needs

There are a few requirements for each GreanLife Solar energy system we install that you should consider:

  • The property must meet certain maximum-shade and roof-support specifications
  • Your roof must receive a minimum amount of direct sunlight (south-facing roofs are ideal)
  • System components must be mounted on the roof or ground for the property consuming the electricity
  • System must be connected to the local electric-utility grid

Self-check your solar readiness

We always assess your Solar Readiness before you sign an agreement for a GreanLife Solar energy solution. Itching to get started? Here are some of the conditions we’ll look for during our evaluation:

  • We always assess your Solar Readiness before you sign an agreement for a GreanLife Solar energy solution. Itching to get started? Here are some of the conditions we’ll look for during our evaluation:
  • Do you own property in an area where GreanLife Solar solutions are currently available? We have installation partners throughout the country. Call us and we can help you find a solar-energy solution in your area.
  • What is the sunlight angle/orientation and shading potential of the roof? Optimal solar conditions include south-facing or some south-west or south-east facing roofs. There should be little to no roof shading year-round.
  • Are there any neighborhood or homeowner association restrictions on solar-energy systems? In some cases we can resolve association conflicts, but we can’t install our systems where they would violate deed/contract restrictions or local ordinances.
  • What is the condition of your roof? Your roof must be in good condition, be constructed with durable materials (10-year lifetime minimum), and be structurally capable of supporting our solar-energy system
  • Can you afford a large upfront payment for the system, or if you prefer a lease or loan, can you afford payments, due quarterly, for the duration of your GreanLife Solar system lease or loan? For leases or loans, we perform an industry standard credit check prior to finalizing the agreement. Most property owners with favorable credit quickly qualify for one of our programs.

Sample Lease Agreement Terms

Below is a list of bullet points that summarize GreanLife Solar’s lease or PPA agreements with our customers. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the details of the
lease agreement.

  • GreanLife Solar agrees to lease the specified solar energy system to the Customer at a pre-determined rate over the course of the lease.
  • GreanLife Solar fully warrants, monitors, and maintains the solar energy system over the course of the term.
  • The Customer has the right to purchase the solar energy system after six years of signing of the agreement.
  • At the end of the agreement term, the Customer has the option to renew the agreement, buy the system, or have the system removed.
  • If the Customer sells their house during the course of the agreement term, they have the right to assign the agreement to the new property owner.
  • The Customer is responsible for any damage done to the system as a result of their negligence. (For example: the system is damaged because the Customer broke something while climbing on the roof)
  • If the Customer chooses to terminate the agreement during the course of the lease, there is a cancellation fee which is predetermined in the lease agreement.

GreanLife Solar is committed to making the transition to solar as easy as possible for our customers so please contact us with any questions or comments you may have.